We are linking up gender justice groups and international finance-watchers so we can multiply our impact! Gender Action Links are brief, reader-friendly resources that critically connect gender, international finance and other key development issues, such as climate change, extractive industries, indigenous rights, transparency, accountability, debt, the food crisis and more. The timely series provide concrete case examples, useful action resources and partnership opportunities.

IFIs and Gender Based Violence
Elizabeth Arend
July 2011

In May 2013, the World Bank approved its fourth GBV project in the Solomon Islands, in addition to projects in Haiti (2011), the Democratic Republic of Congo (2010) and Cote d'Ivoire (2010).

Gender, IFIs and Transparency
Nicole Zarafonetis
February 2011

IFIs and Sexual and Reproductive Health
Elizabeth Arend
February 2011

Gender, IFIs and Accountability Mechanisms
Nicole Zarafonetis
November 2010

Gender, IFIs and Indigenous Rights
Diana Arango & Nicole Zarafonetis
July 2010

Gender, International Financial Institutions and Debt
Anna Rooke
September 2009

Gender & Commercial Banks Link
Anna Rooke
July 2009

Gender, IFI’s and Extractive Industries Link
Anna Rooke
February 2009

Gender, International Finance and Climate Change Link
Anna Rooke
October 2008


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